VMC Ltd.

VMC was first established in 1986 by CCB to produce squash for the local market. Since then, the scope of VMC’s operation has evolved tremendously to now include the overseas market and a far wider array of products; although its core mission has remained basically the same.

Processing at VMC facility takes place under the British National Quality Assurance certification ISO 9001:2000, including the requirements under the HACCP System. VMC has also been certified in the environmental management system of VMC under ISO 14001:1996. These standards ensure that quality products are provided to consumers. Packaging for retail distribution continues to grow and perform well. VMC provides a strategic outlet for CPBL’s core products.

In 2003 the Management of the CPBL Group developed a plan to modernize and expand the activities of VMC in line with its objective of adding value to the core business of the production of concentrates. Last year the company invested in a modern bottling line.

For almost twenty years now the company has been providing to the Belizean consumers its well known line of Citrus Valley Squashes.

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